Family and Friends

ABleekerTomorrow Etsy Shop
My wife's Etsy shop. Check out Dia de los Muertos statues, aprons and purses, and some of my pinup prints!

Nightshade Botanicals
My friend Ginger runs a small batch artisan apothecary. Blending the old world traditions of botanical herbalism with modern alchemy to bring you luxurious products that pamper your body, mind and soul.

Diamond Tattoo
My friend Majenta's tattoo shop. Come get your ink done by a local legend!

Balefire Candles Etsy Shop
My friend Alicia has been making ritual candles for years and finally had the brilliant idea to sell them to others to help them in their daily lives. All candles were created in the correct moon phase and all candles come with instructions.

Idle Hands Designs Etsy Shop
My friend Lyndsay creates jewelry is made with her owns hands and the highest quality materials. She specializes in sterling silver, vintage elements and semi-precious stones.

Mourning Market
Mourning Market is Seattle's premiere dark themed market. An artists collective, featuring the Pacific Northwest's spookiest artists, crafters and vendors.


Clients Include

Aberrant Games
Starting concepts, interior illustrations and more.

Khepera Publishing
Creature Illustrations for Hellas: Worlds of Sun and Stone
Concepts for characters, vehicles, worlds, etc. Samples to come.

Inciteful Entertainment
Interior Illustraions.

Character Illustrations: check out samples in Finished Projects.

Role-playing game artwork: check out samples in Finished Projects.

Hero Games Online Magazine: Digital Hero
Role-playing game artwork--Giant kaiju monsters--check out samples in Finished Projects.

Savant Garde Entertainment
Rat Splatter
Brawl: Kasanova
Storm Siege coming soon!

Rogue AI Interactive
Interior and Cover images for Machyna
Cover images Infantry: Wetwar and Infantry: Wetwar: Bandit Dawn for Black Powder Games

Perpetrated Press

Rex Games

Image Logic
Site artwork...hit the link above and took a look...

Site artwork...check out the site...or samples in Finished Projects.

Site artwork on a site still in progress...

Caption Reporters
Site artwork...check out the site...or samples in Finished Projects.

Clockwork Jabberwock

Samples of commissioned artwork can be found in the Finished Projects section.